A musically
lecture & song
recital performance
of Schumann's
famous romantic
song cycle

"A riveting and satisfying experience. Richard Parry brought together the flair of a consummate actor with his rich, baritone voice to the delight of the audience"

Award winning dramatist and singer Richard Parry brings this most famous romantic song cycle to life in a remarkable evening of stories, musical insight and romantic song.

The Poet - Heinrich Heine

As a young man Heine falls hopelessly in love with his cousin and begins to write a book of songs full of intimate expression, joy and despair. When these collected poems, including "Dichterliebe", were published in 1827 they quickly established his reputation as a major European writer. After Goethe he is Germany's most quoted poet.

The Pianist - Clara Wieck

Aged 20, Clara is a prodigious young pianist with a growing international reputation. She has fallen in love with the romantic composer Robert Schumann who has been staying at their house in Leipzig. Her father is apoplectic with rage at the situation and takes Clara away. Schumann writes to her love letters in music.

The Composer - Robert Schumann

1840. Schumann is separated from his beloved Clara and undertaking legal proceedings against her father, who has forbidden the marriage. Schumann feels inspired. For the first time he seriously begins to compose songs - songs for Clara, which include Heine's "Dichterliebe". They become some of the most famous lieder ever written...

"Richard Parry's dramatic song recital works very well indeed"

Poets Love

A dramatic lecture/ song recital recreating the lives and struggles of the three artists at the heart of Dichterliebe.

Poet's Love is a highly accessible and enjoyable way for new audiences to discover this great European romantic music. Those who already know the songs will experience the immediacy and freshness of Richard Parry’s careful mixture of drama and chamber music in a polished and highly engaging recital performance.

The sixteen songs of Dichterliebe tell the passionate story of a young man who has fallen head-over-heels in love with a beautiful girl. Schumann, at the height of his powers, crafts the tale beautifully with the voice and piano in tumultuous and intimate dialogue.

The evening begins with the musically illustrated lecture and is followed, after an interval, by the recital of the song cycle.

Part I

An illustrated musical lecture:

Richard chats and sings his way through songs by Purcell, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann and Britten exploring the essence of romantic song.

This part of the performance also uncovers the musical and poetic journey of Dichterliebe. The cycle is explained, song by song, tracing the fortunes of troubled poet Heine to express a late romantic language and discovering the intricate, tender musical postcards created by Schumann in these love songs for Clara.

....... Interval .......

Part II

Recital performance:

Dichterliebe op.48
by Robert Schumann

The Storyteller
Richard Parry - Baritone

Richard studied singing with Mark Wildman (Head of Voice at the Royal Academy of Music) and his work spans recital, concert, opera and broadcasting. His theatre work has won London Fringe Theatre and London Time Out awards, and Richard is committed to bringing classical art songs to a wider public.

What is a Dramatic Song Recital?

The song is back. Richard Parry is a baritone singer with a lot of experience of theatre. The recitals combine song with dynamic story telling. He created An Act of Piracy in 2009 to draw audiences closer to classical art songs, using music that was well known and much loved in previous generations but seems to have fallen out of performance in recent years. The recitals weave music and story in a compelling and engaging adventure peopled by characters from the songs. Very often classical vocal recitals are only popular with lieder enthusiasts, but the dramatic song recital brings great classical art songs to a much wider music loving & theatre going public, and Richard's engaging and original one man shows have delighted audiences at UK music festivals.

Praise for Richard's other Dramatic Song Recitals

"It's a brilliant entertainment; engaging, diverting and very well performed" Wyn Davies, Music Director, New Zealand Opera

"Richard Parry's dramatic song recital works extremely well" Sheffield Telegraph

"A perfect Festival performance" Buxton fringe 2009

The Dramatic Song Recitals

Poet's Love

Lecture and recital presenting Schumann's "Dichterliebe"


A forgotten and beautiful English song cycle by Somervell setting Tennyson's 1852 dramatic poem Maud. Tennyson called this his "little Hamlet".

An Act of Piracy

British classical sea songs performed in a lively swashbuckling musical adventure.


Click here for a larger version of these Poet's Love postcards in a PDF brochure: Poet's Love Brochure

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